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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Relationships Scotland

Relationships Scotland is an organisation offering support to families through mediums such as mediation and counselling and their aim is to reach out to families who are looking for help.

They are also in the running to win a website makeover which would allow them the opportunity to work on their online presence. If you would like to vote for them, please click here.

Relationships Scotland would also appreciate any further mention of their endeavour, so please feel free to pass the link on, should you feel inclined.


Ross McCulloch said...

Thanks for mentioning the competition Natasha, everyone at Relationships Scotland really appreciates it!

Natasha Phillips said...

It's a pleasure; I wish you luck!


This site is dedicated towards demystifying the divorce courts and the divorce process in Britain as a whole.

The Family Courts have been in a state of turmoil for some time: having to reconcile erratic EU legislation with their own home-grown and regrettably, archaic law; the misuse of discretion to try to fill the widening gaps in the system; heavily congested and without the necessary funding or professional training needed to deal with the complicated nature of divorce, the system offers no stability for the vulnerable parties who come to it to seek advice and often, its protection.

Did you know, for instance, that over 75% of our laws here in Britain originate from Brussels? The notion that a Think Tank hundreds of miles from home can in some way ascertain the needs of two spouses and their young children is baffling. And it gets worse (as those of you who have already sampled the delights of the system will know): the system has so many different sections doing so many different jobs that it has overstretched itself and with minimal funding, a divorcing couple can find themselves in the ultimate dilemma – how do we get through our divorce and through to the courts?

How can we communicate effectively with the courts and the practitioners in it, so that our voices are heard clearly and the best solution found for our fractured family?

The answer is simple: you need to understand the system so that you can speak its language, without fear, and exercise your right to be heard fairly and without prejudice.

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